Meyer, Duke hospital visit

SPR's Christian Duke and Tommy Meyer visit Children's Mercy Hospital

Christian Duke and Tommy Meyer paid a visit to Children’s Mercy Hospital in Overland Park, Kan. on Wednesday afternoon. Their monthly trips to Children’s Mercy Hospital – which was recently ranked among the top pediatric hospitals in the country – take them around the hospital visiting a variety of patients.

“I feel like their days are pretty long. I'm sure it gets old after a while. It's nice to break up their day, even for five or 10 minutes. Hopefully we can have a positive impact on their experience in the hospital,” Meyer said.

One girl, Alexa, was quite excited to have the players in her room.

“One of the girls was very excited to see us. She said “Do you have a present for me?” and right away she was smiling and very appreciative of us coming in and seeing her. I think that it made her day and it made ours as well,” Duke said.

“It’s always important no matter where you are to give back and represent the club you're with. You don't realize it until you hear stories about how they are still talking about you. It's pretty important to always be grateful for what you have,” Meyer said.