Jake Reid with Mark Donovan, David Alvey and Sly James
Nate Saathoff

#United2026: "A monumental day for the sport of soccer in this country"

Kansas City Sports Commission President and CEO Kathy Nelson

It certainly is a day to celebrate today…Locally, this was an incredible cooperation between two sports teams, two states and two cities for well over a year while creating our bid. This is an extraordinary opportunity to show millions and millions of people that we are a world-class region with exceptional venues and passionate soccer fans. Now that the World Cup will be hosted in North America, we turn our focus on the mission of bringing the World Cup to Kansas City.

We know there is no potential host now that is as unified as we are in Kansas City. Two cities, two states, two teams – we’re setting that example across North America…This is truly a historic day for us.

Kansas City Chiefs president Mark Donovan

The vision of Lamar Hunt, the commitment of the Jackson County taxpayers, the support of the millions of fans who have walked through these walls have created an iconic venue that is internationally recognized. And because of that, we have the ability to bring events like this to this region and to this town. We’re very excited to be able to be part of this bid, which hopefully will bring these matches to Arrowhead.

The Hunt family, the Chiefs organization, our Arrowhead Events division have put an emphasis on bringing the biggest and the best events to Arrowhead. That starts with Lamar. When he built this building and helped design this building, his dream was that this would be a mecca of entertainment, of activity, of the best in sports. This bid and this event clearly fits that mission.

One of the lasting takeaways for me and the entire organization is how proud Lamar would be to see this as even an opportunity. I know he’ll be even more proud when he looks down and sees a match actually happening at Arrowhead for the World Cup In 2026…Soccer has always been a part of his legacy. From the very beginnings of the very inaugural professional soccer leagues and franchises, to being one of the instrumental pieces of bringing the 1994 World Cup to the United States, and then being a founding member of Major League Soccer and being one of the innovators of single-sport, soccer-specific facilities. Soccer is part of his legacy. And the opportunity to be part of the bid that helps celebrate that legacy is something that is very special to the family and is very special to our organization and again, brings one of the biggest and best events to our region of the country. We’re very excited about that…We’re excited about the opportunity to convince FIFA and convince the world that Kansas City and Arrowhead Stadium is the right place to host the World Cup in 2026.

Sporting KC CEO & President Jake Reid

The last time we hosted, that was when our League was born out of that World Cup in the United States. You fast forward now 30 years to 2026, it will be the 30th anniversary of our League. I think it’s hard to explain the impact that this will have on our sport of soccer…I think we feel very bullish about the opportunity for us to host this in Kansas City.

This is a monumental day for the sport of soccer in this country. It gives us an unbelievable runway over the next eight years to continue to build upon it, to continue to improve the facilities, the players, how they train, how they go about their business, the grassroot programs that we have. All of those with the ultimate goal of giving our nation the best opportunity to step on the field in 2026 and represent our country, hopefully with a game here in Kansas City.

Mayor David Alvey

This is a historic day for soccer in North America and we are committed to making it every bit as historical, memorable and lasting for the entire world in 2026…The unity of our nations – Canada, Mexico and the United States – and the unity of these two states – Missouri and Kansas – of the cities of Kansas City, Kansas, and Kansas City, Missouri, of the counties – unity to join together to showcase the power of our people.

It’s an opportunity for fans from around the world to experience firsthand what we already know about our people. That we are welcoming to guests. That we respect people from all over. That we are hospitable. That we love our soccer. And opportunity to show that we know how to create world class organizations: Kansas City Chiefs, Sporting KC. We know how to create world class facilities. We know how to create world class experiences for fans. And it’s an opportunity to further develop soccer in the United States from the neighborhoods up, just as Sporting Kansas City has done by building futsal courts in the neighborhoods of KCK where young people wait for hours for an opportunity to play.

Mayor Sly James

We’re here in Kansas City at a time when I believe Kansas City is probably shining about as much as it can. And we still have so much more room to grow. This is certainly proof of that room…We now know and understand in ways we’ve never understood before that if you want to do big things, if you want to have huge accomplishments, if you want this city to grow and continue with the momentum, the only way to do that is with collaboration…You’ve heard about how everybody came together to get this done. That is the thing that we need to celebrate as much as getting it done.

I have no doubt whatsoever in my mind that when you think about where Kansas City was eight years ago and where it is now, think about where Kansas City is today and where it will be in eight years. And think about what that’s going to mean to visitors that come from around the world into our city…These are the things that makes cities great. This is a way for us to showcase the city. This is also a way for us to showcase the talent that came together to make it happen.