#HOUvSKC Quotes: "In the end it wasn’t enough"

Sporting KC Manager Peter Vermes

I think we came with the game plan based on the personal we had. I thought that we were doing a pretty good job of it, you know. We were up one, and we actually had a chance to stick a second one in (but) hit it over the bar. We gave away too many free kicks and corner kicks. Ultimately it resulted in them tying us.

Second goal (was) lack of concentration on our side. Fourth goal was lack of effort on our side, so another goal. We had a bunch of other chances that we probably could have put away. They probably had a few other chances that they made some good saves on. In the end it wasn’t enough.

Sporting KC midfielder Ilie Sanchez

I think that (our) plan worked for 20 minutes, and then I don’t know why we gave up. Yeah, we scored first, but the game was for Houston and they deserved this game.