Paulo Nagamura vs. Charlotte Independence - June 8, 2019
Noah Riffe

SPRvCLT Quotes: "I was pleased with the effort, I was pleased with the mentality"

Swope Park Rangers head coach Paulo Nagamura

Thoughts on the game:

"I think overall, considering all the factors, the weather, the second game in a week, an experienced opponent, I think overall it was a decent performance by the guys. I think in the first half we had trouble a bit in getting the team compact and that created a lot of chances for Charlotte. But we adjusted in the second half a little bit and I think in the second half we did a much better job on being compact and being tough to break through. It was a difficult game for us but overall it was a decent performance especially considering that we got a clean sheet."

On the backline's performance:

"I think that they did a decent job. Most of their chances were in transition when we open ourselves up and we didn’t recover from midfield. So that created a lot of space for those guys to play on the ball. I think that was more in the first half. In the second half we adjusted and did a better job to deny. Also, we did a better job in the second half on possessing the ball and being more patient while we pushed their team more into their defensive half. With that being said the second half was much better than the first."

On the speed of the wingers:

"I think speed was important today especially with the way that they approach the game with three center backs, and we like to have speed on the wings as well. It’s a work in progress. I think Sean Karani, Jerome Mbekeli and Killian Colombie are all evolving tactically and technically. That’s going to pay dividends in the future. They’re progressing and so we just have to keep working and make those guys better."

On the response to Wednesday's loss to Loudon:

"It was much better. If you look at the score board and you see a clean sheet you definitely can count on that. But definitely a better effort, a better mentality. The guys fought it until the end, not only fought but they tried to win it until the last minute, so I was pleased with the effort. I was pleased with the mentality that they brought into the game and it was a positive performance from the guys."

Swope Park Rangers goalkeeper Adrian Zendejas

Thoughts on the game:

“A lot of academy players came up big, obviously our Sporting players played well as well, it was a good performance overall.”

On keeping a clean sheet:

“Like I said, our academy center back, Kaveh Rad, played really well, Camden (Riley) made some big plays, Mark (Segbers) saved me in the last 10 minutes and Alex(sander) always going up and down, everyone worked hard. I’m very proud of these guys and how they played.”

On the difference from Wednesday’s loss to Loudon:

“It’s hard to speak for myself because obviously I didn’t play on Wednesday, but still the way I saw it obviously the Sporting players made a little more impact and brought the other players to a higher level. I thought having that presence brings everyone else up. It’s hot, but still everyone worked really hard.”

Swope Park Rangers defender Camden Riley

Thoughts on the game:

"I think after a 0-0 result where we controlled a lot of the play, I think that’s a step in the right direction. Obviously unfortunate not to get the win but we’ll take the point."

On handling two games in a week:

"I think we handled it really well. As a team we really came together and really fought for each other. We kept it more compact and didn’t let the game open too much to help save our legs. At the end of the day I think we showed a lot of fight and a lot of character."

On the response after Wednesday's loss to Loudon:

"I think on Wednesday we came out flat and weren’t ready to play and I think that’s why we conceded early and today I thought we really change the tide and started fighting and came out on the front foot."

On getting the clean sheet:

"For the most part when they were shooting, I thought they were shooting from distance, so I think it gives Adrian (Zendejas) a better chance. But I think as a whole we did okay. I just think in transition we’ve got to get closer to the forwards so they can’t have a free shot."