Jaylin Lindsey vs. Charleston Battery - Sept. 11, 2019
Peter Spexarth

SPRvCHS Quotes: "It’s always good to get a clean sheet"

Swope Park Rangers head coach Paulo Nagamura

Thoughts on the match:
“Definitely a defensive improvement from the last few games. For the most part of the game, we were organized. We were disciplined to what we had as a game plan and strategy for the game tonight, and I was pleased with the team, with the fight, with the work ethic. With the chances that we created; it could definitely have ended up in our favor tonight. I think we had a few chances, on another day we put them in the back of the net, but it’s always good to get a clean sheet, especially with the way we played our last few games.”

On the performance of the team’s younger players:
“(They did) very well. I think they did very well. We had a plan going into the game and we knew that Tucker (Lepley) and Tyler (Freeman) are players that like to play underneath and we created some scenarios where they could be more effective in our game, and I think they did a decent job for the time they were on the field. I think when the game started opening up, they started to struggle a lit bit but overall I think they did really well: Tyler, Tucker, Kaveh (Rad) was solid again in the back and all the guys that played tonight overall were more solid to play against and unfortunately we didn’t take the couple of chances we had in the final third.”

On Rennico Clarke’s adjustment to the team:
“(He’s done) very well. I think he came in a little bit out of shape but we’re working on that. He’s getting fitness back, he’s getting his 90-minute fitness back. He’s a guy with experience in MLS and in the USL playing with the Timbers, so he understands the way that we play well. I think he’s adapting really fast to the way that we want to play and again tonight he was solid in the back alongside Alex, Jaylin (Lindsey) and Kaveh (Rad) and I was pleased to see it.”

On the backline’s performance:
“I look back and see that there were a few giveaways that we had in our defensive half that on another day could cost us the game, but that’s the way that we play, that’s the way that we want our teams to play – we just have to be more clinical with our passes and don’t have that many mistakes in our defensive half because that’s always going to give a chance to score to the other team. We didn’t get away from who we are and yes, we had a couple of giveaways there but I think the guys handled it well recovering and denying Charleston from scoring the goal.”

Swope Park Rangers defender Jaylin Lindsey

Thoughts on the match:
“I thought it went really well. I think it was one of our better performances. Defensively we were really solid, and it was a good clean sheet as well. I just think our decision making in the attack needs to be a lot better. I think maybe in training this week we can get back to it and get back on Saturday.”

On what the team could improve upon:
“Defensively we started sitting back a little bit. Usually we like to press, and I think we sat back too much. We need to be better starting games by pressing the other team and getting them on their toes a little bit. Other than that, I think we played really well.”

On adapting to new teammates:
“Honestly, I don’t think it’s that difficult to adjust. Anyone who comes in or people that get their chances have good bonds with each other. It might be difficult because some guys from the first team might come down one game and something might change a little bit, but we all know the style of play within our organization, so I think everyone is on the same page.”

Swope Park Rangers goalkeeper Eric Dick

Thoughts on the match:
“We created a good amount of chances. Defensively we were rock solid start to finish. Any time that they got the ball I thought that we were right behind them pressing hard. We won a lot of second balls. Going forward I thought we could have been a bit more dangerous but overall, I think it was a good effort by the team. We got the shutout and we got the point. I think that’s a good move in the right direction.”

On his late game saves:
“Defense made it a lot easier on me. They’re always getting in front of the ball and blocking stuff and creating angles, so I give all the credit to them. Those late situations are when people get tired and I thought we did a good job overall of keeping our minds in the game late.”

On adapting to new teammates:
“It is a little bit of an adjustment but at the same time it’s not because we’re in the same system. I’ve been around all of the center backs a good amount in training. That’s why I go a couple days before and we get some chemistry going. It’s just about talking and communication. All of the center backs on SPR are more than capable of being out there and doing a good job. It makes the job easier for whichever goalie is playing and whichever defender is out there.”