Swope Park Rangers - Culture Collection Jersey - USL Championship

USL Championship unveils Culture Collection kit design for Swope Park Rangers

The USL Championship on Friday unveiled its Culture Collection kit design for the Swope Park Rangers, featuring club mascot Hat Trick Harry striding under a full moon.

In its colorful and creative “Culture Collection”, the USL Championship crafted custom designs for 20 teams across the Championship to celebrate the cities and cultures that make the Championship the league it is.

Collaborating with clubs around the league, USL Digital designers Angela Zanaglio, Sonjai Persaud, Jaime Austin and Casey Brochhagen used local inspiration to develop the unique designs. Drawing from local iconography and history, the jerseys tap into the local pride on view in the stands on a weekly basis around the Championship.

"Having emerged from the forests surrounding Swope Soccer Village shortly after the Rangers were formed in 2016, Hat Trick Harry has become a fixture on the club's sidelines throughout its history."

Now that all 20 jerseys are unveiled, Rangers fans can visit USLchampionship.com to rank their top five favorite kits in the collection. Those who do will be entered for the chance to win the Culture kit of their favorite club.