LAvSKC Quotes: "You can't put your heads down"


On tonight's game:

"We needed points, sure. Obviously, a lot of results went the other way this weekend, too. It would have been good to pick up the points, we didn't. I thought we played a good first half and then in the second half a lot of things fell their way. They scored their chances, we had easily four or five unbelievable chances that we should have scored. If we would have scored that maybe the game is 7-6 or 7-7. Who knows? Everything fell their way and they finished their chances and we didn't."

On what the team can do keep their playoff hopes alive:

"Go out next week and try to win it, stranger things have happened. We have to win games, we had to win tonight. These are all games we have to win but the interesting thing is that a lot of teams fell short. We have to go on to the next game we can't waste too much time on this."


On tonight's game:

"I thought we had a very good half and we talked about it at half time that we were going to come and win the game. Unfortunately, it didn't go that way. We made some mistakes and they were able to capitalize on that and mentally it played with us."

On keeping their playoff hopes alive:

"As long as there is a chance, you can't put your heads down. I think when there is a chance at anything in life you have to keep playing. Tonight wasn't a good night and now we have a game at home and we have to start there again. We know that we can do it, we did it three games in a row before and now we can start that new run again. It takes a game, it takes confidence I think if we do that now we can get there."


On his performance:

"I don't want to talk about that because it is not an important thing right now. I think the important thing right now is trying to keep going. We have four games, we have an option to go to the playoffs, we are thinking about that. I don't want to think about personal things because it is not important right now."

On keeping their playoff hopes alive:

"Every game right now for us is really difficult; this was not good enough and we know every game is very important and very difficult too. That is why we have to work hard in the week to try to get the three points because we need them."


On their second half performance:

“I think it was the best result, but in the beginning of the season we had a lot of games that were pretty good. But, today it was that we played well, and we were very efficient because we scored seven goals. It’s not very common.”

On the difference of tonight’s game compared to their recent games:

“I think today we were very efficient. Sometimes we couldn’t be efficient. Sometimes we tied or lost a game, but I felt like in the last five or six games we are getting better playing. We lost some games with Seattle, with Colorado. [With Colorado] I think what was controversial were the penalties. I don’t think it was a penalty for them, and was a penalty for us, but I don’t want to talk about that. About the game from Seattle, we did not deserve to lose. We played well, but every time we made a mistake, they scored. We needed maybe two or three [opportunities] to score one. But, the team is playing well and today I think we were very efficient, but I feel like the game with D.C where we lost, we didn’t deserve to lose in that game, but the team got a lot of chances and managed the ball very well at least. So, sometimes it happens, we manage the ball and we can be efficient like today.”

On qualifying for the playoffs:

“I hope to keep going like today, and for sure we will win more points to get to playoffs. We need to go game by game. We can think about how many points we need to get to the playoffs. We need to rest tomorrow, practice during the week to win the next game with Montreal.”

On Sebastian Lletget’s performance:

“I think Sebastian [Lletget] is a player who is very important for us. When he plays well, the team can play well. But during the year, he suffered some injuries, and many times he gets called up for the national team, and we need to organize better when the players go to their national team. Not just for USA, even when they go to Mexico, Venezuela, or Costa Rica, because they are playing today, they are flying today, so sometimes they can’t be focused on the game. The last game they were going to play before they went to their national team, sometimes you don’t lose just the games like Colorado, because they are on the national team. You lose them [the players] to the games before they leave, because it’s very complicated to be focused, and I think it happened with Sebastian [Lletget]. Sometimes a call up to the national team, thinking about the national team, LA Galaxy, sometimes it’s very difficult. But, he is very important for us.”

On Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s performing well in important games for the LA Galaxy

“I think it’s not easy, because he’s Zlatan. In big games, he appears. He appears every day, every game, every time, but especially in the moments that are very hard for his own team, and he is on the pitch. That is the reason he is Zlatan, obviously.”

On Cristian Pavon’s contribution to the game:

“I think when you put on the pitch, [Uriel] Antuna, [Zlatan] Ibrahimovic, and [Cristian] Pavon, they help each other get better, because when [Cristian] Pavon gets to play one on one he’s so fast, and dribbling, and has a lot of shots, sometimes the other team is very worried about [Cristian] Pavon, they forget about [Zlatan] Ibrahimovic, and [Uriel] Antuna. When you get players at this level, everyone will be better for sure, because they will have more space. So, I am very happy for Cristian [Pavon]. I think he was wonderful, but [Zlatan] Ibrahimovic and [Uriel] Antuna help him a lot, as he helps the other two as well.”


On tonight's game:

"We need all the points we can get to get to the playoffs and today was a nice win. To score a lot of goals, looking at the result, it might look easy, but it was not an easy game. We played against a good opponent and they play very good football. First half, both teams were playing good, and in the second we were stronger.”

On what it means to be a part of Galaxy history after setting single-season record:

“It’s good. I said from the first day I came that I’m not here for vacation. I’m here to perform and show everybody what the game is about. I think the two years I’ve had here, I’ve done good things. Amazing things. Perfect things. I just have to keep doing, keep being in shape and help my team in the best way, and that is by scoring goals.”

On what statement they made:

“If you look at the last game, we were unlucky with the decision of the referee also and that killed us a little bit. But today winning 7-2, hopefully we can get this confidence, hopefully we can bring this confidence with us to the next game. We show everybody that when we want, we can do it. Everyone should fear us as long as we come into the playoffs.”

On what kind of impact he has had on the club:

“I think I am the best ever to play in MLS. And that, without joking.”


On the result giving confidence:

"I think this has definitely given us confidence. We know how we can play and we just have to keep doing it more.”

On continuing this:

“I think at this point, it’s not even about ability, it’s about mentality. Ibra[himovic] talks about it a lot. Today we definitely pulled together and had killer instinct. We always get there, but sometimes we don’t score. And today I think we alleviated some pressure with others scoring, like Joe [Corona] getting his first goal as well, so that kind of started it all off.

On if it makes a statement:

“I hope so. But, we just have to be concerned about what we’re doing. If others are never scared of us, then that is what it is. But we’ve just got to keep focused on ourselves.”


On the game:

"We had a pretty even first half and the second half, we came out better and we’re happy for the win.”

On what it’s like to play with Zlatan:

“He brings a lot of confidence to the rest of the team. And I think today the chemistry was very important. In the middle, we had a lot of touches, a lot of chemistry, playing together with Jonathan dos Santos and Sebastian Lletget.”

On his goal:

“Of course, it was something I wanted and I’m happy it was today in such an important game. I’m more happy that we win though, and that was the main objective. We’ve got to keep this going.”