Sporting KC Coloring and Activity Pages

Ready for Printing: Sporting KC Coloring and Activity Pages

Grab your crayons, markers, pens and pencils. Sporting Kansas City has some homework assignments for fans of all ages.

Eight different family-friendly activities are available at the links below, including multiple coloring opportunities, mazes, word searches and even a few trivia questions.

Simply click on the links, print and complete with parents, other close ones or on your own. What better way to get the artistic juices flowing while keeping your social distance!

Navigate the Sporting maze (click to print)

Color the Sporting logo (click to print)

Solve the Sporting word scramble (click to print)

Complete the Sporting word search (click to print)

Blue the mascot is ready to be colored (click to print)

Design your own soccer jersey (click to print)

Beat the passing maze and test your trivia (click to print)

Unscramble some words and search for others (click to print)