U.S. Soccer Coaching Education announces C License courses at Compass Minerals National Performance Center

U.S. Soccer Coaching Education announced today the dates and locations for 2021 U.S. Soccer C License courses. Among the several locations scheduled to host courses is Compass Minerals National Performance Center in Kansas City, Kansas, which also serves as the world-class training home of Sporting Kansas City.

This year marks the largest number of planned C License courses to date, with 57 courses organized by 39 members in 37 states. Applicants can register through the U.S. Soccer Learning Center and directly contact the hosting member organization for more information.

The C License course covers tasks such as coaching training sessions, coaching games, leading the player, leading the team, managing the performance environment and more.

COVID-19 safety is the priority for U.S. Soccer Coaching Education and many of this year’s C License courses will begin virtually due to the ongoing conditions of the pandemic. When it’s safe for in-person courses to resume, members will follow safety protocols to ensure the well-being of all participants.

Since opening in 2018, Compass Minerals National Performance Center has hosted numerous U.S. Soccer Coaching Education courses at the highest levels, fostering the development of coaches and referees of all ages.