SKCvELP Quotes: "I'm definitely pleased with the way we defended today"

Felipe Hernandez vs. El Paso Locomotive FC - May 30, 2021

Sporting Kansas City II head coach Paulo Nagamura

Thoughts on the game:
"I think we had a strategy and game-plan for this game and I think for the most part we executed it pretty well in regards to what we were trying to do, especially offensively. I think we were not sharp or clean enough in the final third, we created enough opportunities, enough chances to be in dangerous spots but we didn't take advantage of that. I was happy with the defensive offer, to get our first clean sheet against a good team, an experienced team is a positive from this game and we have to build from that."

On being able to post a shutout against an experienced team:
"Like I said, I think the guys were disciplined to the game-plan, we knew what they were trying to do offensively, we tried to minimize those strengths for them and I think for the most part we did well. In the second half, we had a a good spell of 25, 30 minutes where we put them under pressure, a lot of balls into the box, half-chances, crosses, playing a lot in their area, but we could not find the final pass, the final touch but I like to be positive and take that as a positive and work from there."

On if he's starting to see the team's identity form as the season progresses:
"It's difficult with the challenge of guys moving up and down, it's always a challenge but yes I like to see our guys being difficult to play against and today they definitely showed that. They definitely worked really, really hard to minimize El Paso's offensive opportunities and I'm definitely pleased with the way we defended today. It's one step at a time, there's a lot of work to do but it was a positive performance from the guys for the most part."

Sporting Kansas City midfielder Felipe Hernandez

Thoughts on the game:
"A bunch of first team guys came down so I thought it was good for everyone to get minutes. Overall, I thought it was a pretty good game, some chances on either side but defensively I thought we did pretty well. Keeping a clean sheet, that's good."

On playing his first extended minutes of the season after recovering from injury:
"Good, it's been a while. I was told 45 to 60 minutes, obviously I wanted to do more, but 60 minutes I think was good. My body felt fine, obviously a little tired but we'll get there."

On keeping a clean sheet against a strong El Paso team:
"It's big, a clean sheet against anyone is big and they have a big group that's older, a lot of veteran guys so to be able to manage a shutout is big."