SKCvOKC Quotes: "I'm proud of the way the guys fought"

Tyler Freeman vs. OKC Energy FC - May 7, 2021

Sporting Kansas City II head coach Paulo Nagamura

Thoughts on the performance:
"I was disappointed with the speed of our play offensively, I think we were too slow when we had possession of the ball, we made it easier for OKC to defend us. Disappointed with that part of the game. I think defensively, for the most part I think the guys did a good job, they tried to press and didn't let OKC have too much control of the game. When we had possession we couldn't break OKC because we were moving the ball so slow. In the second half we had to make some adjustments because a couple of guys had to play limited minutes. We ended up being a little better in the second half with the guys that came on, they brought a little bit of energy and a little bit of desire to win the game - not that the first half we didn't have it, we were just way too slow with the ball."

On his young team dealing with a physical battle:
"I think they stand up to the OKC team. We know we have a young team and they have to get used to this physical part of the game, but with that being said I don't think they outpowered us or outplayed us physically so it was good to see in that aspect that the guys didn't back down and gave a good fight at the end."

On the mentality of his team fighting back from a goal down:
"I'm very, very proud to come back late in the game and push for the second also in the late stages. We don't play to get a point, we play always to get a win and we had momentum the last 10 minutes to get another one but OKC defended well in the last part of the game but I'm proud of the way the guys fought in the last minutes to get a tie."

Sporting Kansas City II forward Tyler Freeman

Thoughts on the performance:
"It was good to get a point at the end but obviously I think we should've come away with the win just because we're at home. We gave up a cheap goal in transition, we got caught out and they ended up finishing their chance so hopefully next week we can put the ball in the back of the net and keep a clean sheet."

On the team coming back from a goal down:
"We knew it was going to come either way, we kept pressing, we kept going, we didn't put our heads down and eventually we got the tying goal."

On his confidence going into the game:
"Obviously before the game you have goals and my goal was to score, hopefully come out with the win too. I got the goal but I feel like we should've had the win too."

On his goal:
"I saw Enoch (Mushagalusa) got the ball out wide, he was chopping back and forth and my goal was to get in front of my defender, hoping the ball would find me and he just crossed it in and I finished it, it was awesome."