Sporting Pay

Sporting Pay is a secure, simple and completely contactless way to pay for concessions or SportingStyle gear at various Sporting facilities! Pay for concessions or retail items in-person or via mobile ordering, all through the Sporting KC app.

The following Sporting facilities accept Sporting Pay:

Download Sporting Pay today and you'll receive $10 of complimentary balance to utilize on concessions or retail!

How To Get Started:

  1. Download/update and open the Sporting KC app.
  2. Click on the More tab and select Sporting Pay from the menu items.
  3. Login using your SeatGeek credentials.
  4. Enter your credit card information.
  5. You’re all set for matchday!


What is Sporting Pay?

Sporting Pay is a completely contactless method to pay using your mobile phone, all within the Sporting KC App! Simply open the Sporting KC App, load your bank or credit card details and go. It is fast, safe and easy to use.

What are the benefits of using Sporting Pay?

Safe. Secure. Simple. A truly contactless method of payment, Sporting Pay is safer for fans and staff within Children's Mercy Park. The technology requires biometric authentication, which means your payments are always secure. Lastly, it’s simple to set up and use, which means you get your items quickly and back to the action faster.

Do I need to download another app?

No, Sporting Pay is seamlessly integrated into your Sporting KC App.

Where can I use Sporting Pay?

Sporting Pay is the preferred method of payment at Children's Mercy Park and accepted at all Points of Sale within the park, at concessions, retail and mobile ordering. Sporting Pay is also now accepted at all Sporting Kansas City athletic facilities which include Compass Minerals Sporting Fields, Swope Soccer Village and Central Bank Sporting Complex.

Do I have to have an iPhone or Android to use Sporting Pay?

Anyone who has the Sporting KC App will have access to Sporting Pay. Simply make sure your app is completely up to date. The Sporting KC App is available on iOS, Android and Samsung devices via the App Store or Google Play.

Is Sporting Pay safe and secure?

Yes. Mobile pay is one of the safest ways to make a payment. Accessing your Sporting Pay account from a mobile device requires either Biometric ID or a passcode. Sporting Pay displays a unique QR code which is safe, universally used and can be read from a much greater distance than any other payment methods as well as through protective plexiglass.

Sporting Pay works with what cards?

Sporting Pay works with the payment method that's saved to your Sporting Pay wallet. These cards are listed as payment methods within the app and customers can choose a default card which get used at checkout.

Where/how is my payment information stored?

Sporting Pay stores only verified payment methods and credit cards must include CVV codes. Information is always encrypted over secure networks.

Can I still use cash or my credit card?

While Sporting Pay is the preferred method of payment at Children's Mercy Park, credit cards will still be accepted. Cash is not accepted at any Point of Sale inside Children’s Mercy Park.

Do I have to link/add a credit/debit card to my account?

Yes, in order to use Sporting Pay you must load a form of payment (Mastercard, Visa, American Express) to your Sporting Pay account.

How do I purchase items in-person using Sporting Pay?

Pay in an easy 4 steps!

  1. Navigate to Sporting Pay on the Sporting KC app and click on the light blue ‘PAY’ icon.
  2. The first screen you’ll see if asking if you would like to elect offers you redeemed (EX: $10 complimentary balance) to apply to your purchase. Click ‘CONTINUE’ or ‘NO THANKS’.
  3. The second screen you’ll see asks if you would like to add a tip. Select an amount and click ‘CONTINUE’ or ‘NO THANKS’.
  4. You will then be presented a QR code on your phone screen. Hold your device up to the scanner. The total will be automatically charged to the card that you have linked to your Sporting Pay.

NOTE: You must add a payment method before purchase any items using Sporting Pay- regardless if you have any offers.

How do I purchase items via mobile ordering using Sporting Pay?

  1. Open the Sporting KC app and navigate to the mobile ordering button on the Matchday tab.
  2. Select the concession stand and items of your choice that you would like to purchase.
  3. Select ‘Checkout’ and select the button to utilize Sporting Pay as the payment method.

NOTE: If you are a Sporting KC Season Ticket Member, your 15% off concessions & retail discount will apply automatically when checking out.

What if my card gets declined?

If a credit or debit card that is linked to a Sporting Pay account is declined, the Sporting Pay transaction will not process. The Sporting Pay QR code will scan, but the transaction will display an error to alert you to the fact that the payment was declined. You will need to pay using a different method.

How do I use my giveaway token?

Once your giveaway token is activated and visible in my offers, the giveaway token will automatically apply during the checkout process. Select the pay button on your app and proceed like usual! 

How do I spend complimentary value?

Once your complimentary value is added to your account and visible in my offers, that amount will automatically be deducted from your order total. If the value of your order is greater than your complimentary value, the system will charge the remaining balance to the default payment method attached to your account.

How do I see my giveaway tokens or complimentary balance or Season Ticket Member discount?

From the home screen of the Sporting Pay Wallet, click the “My Offers” button.

How do I use my Season Ticket Member discount with Sporting Pay?

Season Ticket Member discounts will be applied automatically when you use Sporting Pay to complete a transaction – both in-person and via mobile ordering on the Sporting KC app. If your discount doesn’t automatically apply, please contact your Sporting KC ticket representative.

How do I change my email address on Sporting Pay?

To change your email address, please contact your Sporting KC ticket representative.

What if I don't see my complimentary balance from a Sporting Blue Reward challenge in my offers?

Please allow 48 hours after challenge completion for any Sporting Pay complimentary balance to show up in your Sporting Pay offers section. Also make sure that you are logged into the Sporting KC App, Sporting Pay, and Sporting Blue Rewards program with your SeatGeek credentials. If issues persist after waiting 48 hours, please use the contact us form located in the menu of the Sporting Blue Rewards portal.

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