A-Z Guide

Children's Mercy Park is known for providing personalized and unforgettable experiences to our fans that is unrivaled by any other club. Here you will find information about stadium services, important policies and more to make your next visit to Children's Mercy Park convenient, safe and enjoyable.


Address and Phone Numbers

Children’s Mercy Park
One Sporting Way,
Kansas City, KS 66111
General Inquiries: 913.912.7500
Tickets: 1.888.4KC.GOAL (Monday-Friday 9:00am-5:00pm)

ADA Information & Accessibility Services

Sporting Club is committed to assisting patrons with disabilities by offering a wide range of services and accommodations. Children’s Mercy Park is fully accessible, and we will ensure that all fans enjoy the events in our facility.

ADA Coordinator

If you have any questions related to ADA compliance at Children’s Mercy Park, please contact the Fan Services department (913) 912-7511.

Accessible Mobility Devices:

Manually operated mobility aids (such as canes and walkers) and wheelchairs – both manually operated and electric – are permitted in all areas of the venue. Due to space restrictions on the concourse, and for the safety of all fans at Children’s Mercy Park, Segway’s, tri-bikes and golf carts are not permitted inside the stadium.

Accessibility Parking:

ADA Parking for all Children’s Mercy Park events is in Green Lot 1, the Nebraska Furniture Mart parking lot north of the stadium plaza. A wheelchair accessible shuttle runs continuously between this lot and the UMB Premium Entrance beginning 2 hours prior to kick-off and ending 2 hours post-game.

Accessible Restrooms:

All restrooms at Children’s Mercy Park (Men’s, Women’s, and Family) are ADA accessible and equipped with a baby-changing station.

Accessible Seating:

Fans with questions regarding ADA ticket information are encouraged to contact the Sporting Club Box Office at 1-888-4KC-GOAL prior to the event.

ADA seating is located on all levels of Children’s Mercy Park. All levels can be accessed via the elevators, ramps and walkways located near the stadium entrances.

Fans in need of an ADA accessible seating location are welcome to exchange a non-accessible ticket for an accessible ticketed location. Children’s Mercy Park staff will make a concerted effort to place the fan and his / her companions in the closest or most comparable location to the non-accessible ticket that is exchanged. This exchange process is on a first-come, first-serve basis, and there is no guarantee that wheelchair seat spaces will be available on the day of the event as accessible seating inventory is limited.32

Alcohol Policy

Alcohol sales in the general seating areas of Children’s Mercy Park will end at the 80-minute mark for Sporting Kansas City games. Alcohol sale end times will vary for other stadium events. Staff members at Children’s Mercy Park strongly encourage all fans to exercise responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages. Fans should be aware of the following policies during Sporting Kansas City matches and all major events:

  • Any fan that shows signs of impairment and/or intoxication will be denied entrance to or will be removed from Children’s Mercy Park and subject to arrest.
  • No alcoholic beverages can be brought inside the stadium. Any attempt to bring alcohol inside the stadium or possession of an alcoholic beverage not purchased from Children’s Mercy Park will result in ejection and confiscation of the fan’s ticket. No alcoholic beverages served inside the stadium can be taken outside Children’s Mercy Park.
  • State of Kansas law prohibits the sale of alcoholic beverages to persons under the age of 21 years of age. All fans should be prepared to show proper identification if requested by the concessionaire staff member.
  • Concessionaire staff members reserve the right to deny services to fans that show signs of impairment and/or intoxication.
  • Fans providing alcoholic beverages to persons less than 21 years of age will be ejected from Children’s Mercy Park and subject to arrest.
  • Fans possessing alcohol that do not present proper identification when requested by a staff member will be ejected.
  • A maximum of two (2) alcoholic beverages will be sold per person per transaction.
  • It is the responsibility of each fan to ensure that they have a safe means of transportation when leaving the facility.
  • Stadium management reserves the right to change these policies and procedures at any time without prior notice to fans.


Service dogs are allowed inside Children’s Mercy Park with fans that need their assistance. No pets or other animals are permitted.

Audi Sport Club

Fans holding tickets for the Audi Sport Club have access to the Lounge located on the west side of the stadium. Please enter Children’s Mercy Park through the West or North Premium Entry for elevator access up to the 5th level.


Baby Changing Stations

All restrooms at Children’s Mercy Park are equipped with baby changing stations.

Bag Policy

In accordance with MLS Best Practices and Children’s Mercy Park security guidelines, clear bags measuring 12” x 12” x 6” or smaller may be permitted after a thorough inspection by stadium security staff. Fans should be prepared to open their bags for inspection and may be asked by security staff to shift and possibly remove the contents. All bags are subject to search and this inspection is considered a condition of entry.

Fans that need to bring a diaper bag, when accompanied by a baby or infant, will be subject to the same inspection procedures.

Backpacks (Including purse backpacks and clear backpacks) are not permitted inside Children’s Mercy Park.

Banners & Signs

Sporting Club fans are encouraged to show their support and may bring banners, flags and signs. Banners, flags, and signs may be displayed at games as long as:

  • They do not contain commercial, political, or offensive content.
  • They are not larger than 3’ tall x 2’ wide.
  • If affixed to a pole, the pole is hollow PVC and does not exceed 3’ in length.
  • They do not (in any way) damage stadium property.
  • They do not cover up any existing stadium signage.
  • They are made of a paper or lightweight cloth-like material. Signs cannot utilize wood, metal or similar types of materials and may not have any sharp edges.

Signage not permitted within Children’s Mercy Park will be disposed of by stadium security unless the fan wishes to return it to their vehicle. The decision regarding the admissibility and/or posting of any banner or sign is at the sole discretion of Children’s Mercy Park management.

Bicycle Parking

There are currently no secure bike rack locations on Children’s Mercy Park property.

Bottles & Cans

Fans are permitted to bring in one (1) empty soft plastic sport or water bottle up to 20-ounces. No cans, thermoses, glass, aluminum, or hard plastic bottles are permitted inside Children’s Mercy Park. Parents with small children may bring soft-sided plastic bottles of formula, milk or juice into the stadium when accompanied by the child. All bottles are subject to inspection.

At the discretion of Children’s Mercy Park Management, during a heat advisory, each fan will be allowed to bring one (1) 20-ounce, clear factory-34

sealed plastic water bottle into the venue. The cap will be unsealed and removed at the gate. Associated announcements will be made via Sporting Kansas City’s official social media platforms.

Box Office

Children’s Mercy Park has two (2) box offices: one (1) located on the East side of Children’s Mercy Park and one (1) located on the West side of Children’s Mercy Park. On Sporting KC game day, the East box office and West box office will open two (2) hours prior to kick-off. Will-Call tickets should be claimed at the West Box Office only, with a valid credit card and form of State or Government photo identification. Box office hours will vary for all stadium non-soccer events (ex: concerts) and fans should visit www.sportingkc.com for additional information. Types of payment accepted at the box offices include cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit cards.

Budweiser Brew House

Fans holding tickets for the Supporters Stand, sections S1 – S9, have access to the Budweiser Brew House located on the northeast corner of the stadium. Please enter Children’s Mercy Park through the Budweiser Brew House entrance doors located at the northeast corner of the stadium. Ticket holders for this section may enter 90 minutes prior to kick-off. All stadium ticket holders and the general public are allowed access into the Budweiser Brew House at the conclusion of each match. Opening and closing times of the Budweiser Brew House are subject to change. Access into the Budweiser Brew House may vary for special events (concerts, etc.).

If you are sitting in the Supporters Stand, you are encouraged to cheer, sing, and wear Sporting Kansas City gear while remaining respectful and courteous to fellow supporters, referees, opposing team fans and players. Wearing an opposing team’s gear may result in your seats being relocated to an alternate section at Children’s Mercy Park.



Fans may bring personal, still-photo cameras to capture the special moments from their visit to Children’s Mercy Park. However, video cameras, monopods/ tripods and cameras with a detachable lens are not permitted inside the stadium. Non-detachable lenses (6 inches or less) are permitted.

Children’s Ticket Policy

Children (two years of age or younger) are permitted inside Children’s Mercy Park without a ticket provided they sit in a ticket holder’s lap. The child cannot obstruct the view of others.

Code of Conduct

Fans are expected to comply with Children’s Mercy Park’s and Major League Soccer’s Code of Conduct. Failure to do so may result in ejection from Children’s Mercy Park. Sporting Club does not condone misbehavior of any kind.


Fans are not allowed to bring a computer into Children’s Mercy Park unless they have the proper credentials. Tablets are allowed without credentials.


Costumes are permitted, but masks or facial coverings must be removed during the security screening process, on the concourse and at all concession/retail locations. Masks or facial coverings may only be worn within the stadium bowl in the ticketed seating area as long as they do not create a distraction for other fans. Costumes with sharp edges or tips, including metal or hard plastic costume accessories (i.e. artificial weapons) are not allowed. Additionally, costumes are subject to further security screening. Sporting KC reserves the right to ask anyone to remove their mask or costume due to stadium security measures.



Get full details for getting to Children’s Mercy Park by clicking here.

Dress Code

To ensure the safety and security of all fans at Children’s Mercy Park, Sporting KC reserves the right to ask anyone with clothing deemed to be derogatory, profane, offensive, or scantily clad to either remove the item or cover up the item prior to being permitted entry into or while inside the venue. Those who refuse to abide by this policy will be denied entry or removed from Children’s Mercy Park.



Fans that refuse to follow the direction of Children’s Mercy Park staff or fail to comply with the Sporting Club Code of Conduct may be subject to ejection without a refund of their event ticket and may lose future ticket privileges. Additionally, fans may be subject to legal prosecution.


Elevators are located throughout Children’s Mercy Park. The location and availability of these elevators are:

  • East Gate Entrance (Northeast corner) – fans with disabilities for access to main level concourse seating and patrons with baby strollers
  • Four Premium Elevators (Northwest corner) – UMB Field Club, Shield Club and Suite ticket holders.

Events and Catering

Children’s Mercy Park offers five premium event spaces that accommodate all groups and sizes. All food services at Children’s Mercy Park are handled by City Foods. For more information on holding your special event at the stadium, please email events@sportingkc.com or by heading to https://cityfoodskc.com/

Catering provided by companies (other than the stadium concessionaire) is not permitted at Children’s Mercy Park.

Entrance Gates

  • All entrances will open 90 - 120 minutes prior to kick-off for Sporting Kansas City matches. Entrance times may vary per individual event:
  • The Budweiser Brew House Entrance (90 minutes) – Northeast corner of the stadium for access into the Budweiser Brew House.
  • UMB North Premium Entry for West Tower Clubs and Suite Ticket Holders – Northwest corner of the stadium for access to the UMB Field Club (120 minutes), Shield Club (90 minutes), Executive Level (90 minutes), and Audi Sport Club (90 minutes).
  • Premium Entry for West Tower Clubs and Suite Ticket Holders – West side of the stadium (located on the Toyota Plaza) for access to the UMB Field Club (120 minutes), Shield Club (90 minutes), Executive Level (90 minutes), and Audi Sport Club (90 minutes).
  • Plaza Entrances (90 minutes West Gate and South Gate) – West side of Children’s Mercy Park.
  • East Gate Entrance (90 minutes) – Northeast corner of the stadium for access up to the concourse (stairs).

Evacuation Plan

Being prepared in an emergency is one of the most important things to remember. Familiarize yourself with the closest exit or emergency exit in your area. Families or groups should pre-designate a meeting location outside the stadium in the event they become separated in an evacuation. Always remember to remain calm and follow the instructions of the staff and public address announcer.

Executive Level

Fans holding tickets for suites on the Executive Level have access to the lounge and their respective suite located on the west side of the stadium. Please enter Children’s Mercy Park through the West or North Premium Entry doors for elevator access up to the 4th level.


Family Restrooms

There is a total of five family restrooms that are intended only for the use of parents with small children and fans with disabilities. All family restrooms are outfitted with baby changing stations and are ADA compliant. The family restrooms are located on the main concourse near sections 101, 114, 121, 127, and 133.

Field Club

Fans holding tickets for the UMB Field Club, sections F1 – F8, have access to the UMB Field Club located on the west side of the stadium at field level. Please enter Children’s Mercy Park through the West or North Premium Entry doors for access down to the UMB Field Club.

First Aid Locations

Children’s Mercy Park has two First Aid locations that are available to assist fans throughout each event. They are located on the concourse near sections 121 and on the North end of Plaza.

Food and Beverage Policy

Fans are not allowed to bring any food or beverage items inside Children’s Mercy Park. We ask that fans either leave these items inside their vehicles or dispose of them at the security checkpoint before entering the stadium.

Fan Services Locations

Fan Services Associate are ready to assist you and make your visit a memorable one. The Fan Services Kiosks are located along the concourse near sections 101 and 132. Some of the services available at these two locations include: stadium information, lost & found, stroller/wheelchair assistance, and fan feedback.

Fan Shuttle Transportation

Children’s Mercy Park offers complimentary fan shuttles from general stadium parking lots to-and-from the Stadium. Fans are encouraged to remember where they are dropped off as that is where they will be picked up to return to their car.


Lost and Found

During your visit to Children’s Mercy Park, should you misplace an item or find something that belongs to another fan, please visit one of the Fan Services Kiosk. Claim forms are available to report missing items. Fans inquiring about lost items should call Stadium Security at 913-912-7500 or the Fan Services Manager at 913-912-7511. Items are held in storage for 30 days and are then donated to a local charity. Sporting Club and Children’s Mercy Park cannot be held responsible for lost or damaged items.

Lost Children and Fans

Children and/or fans who are separated from their family or friends will be escorted by a stadium staff member to the closest Fan Services Kiosk (located on the concourse by sections 101 and 132).


Masks/Face Coverings

Per the Unified Government of Wyandotte County and Kansas City, Kansas, through Sept. 9, any person within Wyandotte County (which includes Children’s Mercy Park) shall wear a mask or other face covering when they are inside any interior public space. An exception is made for persons who are at an establishment (including Children’s Mercy Park) that offers food or beverage service, while actively eating or drinking. Such interior public spaces will include elevators and their conjoining lobby areas, the Budweiser Brew House, UMB Field Club, Wise Power Shield Club, Executive Level, Audi Sport Club, indoor Sporting Style locations and fan shuttles.


Official Sporting Kansas City team merchandise is available at the Sporting Style team stores located on the North end of the Plaza and main concourse near sections 114 and 131. Also, located on the South end of the Plaza is the container store. In addition, there are Scarf Bars located on the concourse near sections 101 and 122 and in the lobby of the UMB North Premium Entry. UMB Field Club, Shield Club, and Suite ticket holders can also access the Shield Club merchandise stand to purchase Sporting Kansas City merchandise. The Budweiser Brew House also has a merchandise stand for Supporters Stand ticket-holders only. Merchandise locations may vary for other stadium events (concerts, etc.).



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Playing Field – No Trespassing

Any attempt to enter or access the playing field (or other restricted areas) without the proper credentials will be considered trespassing and is grounds for immediate ejection and arrest.


Located on the west side of Children’s Mercy Park (Sporting Way), the Plaza opens 2 hours prior to kickoff for Sporting Kansas City matches. The Plaza features pre-game activities and fun for all ages.

Prohibited Items

  • All bags and/or items are subject to inspection.
  • Any bags larger than 12”x12”x6” (all bags must be clear)
  • Animals (Service-dogs allowed)
  • Aerosol cans or pressurized containers
  • Backpacks (Including purse backpacks, no clear backpacks)
  • Professional cameras with detachable lenses & associated equipment (monopods, tripods)
  • Inflated soccer balls
  • Laptops
  • Illegal drugs and substances
  • Laser Pointers
  • Video Cameras
  • Drones
  • Food or Beverage
  • Pamphlets, handouts, advertisements not approved by Children’s Mercy Park management
  • Weapons
  • Fireworks of any kind including, but not limited to, flares, smoke bombs, incendiary devices
  • Noisemaking Devices (horns, bells, thundersticks, vuvuzelas, whistles)
  • Recreational Vehicles (Bicycles, Skateboards, Hoverboards, etc.)
  • Umbrellas
  • Selfie-sticks
  • Any item deemed dangerous by Children’s Mercy Park staff

*Prohibited items subject to change.



Sporting Club and Children’s Mercy Park encourage all fans to recycle. Sporting Sustainability includes: recycling containers on the Plaza, at security checkpoint locations, on the concourse and in the suites. We hope all fans may follow Children’s Mercy Park’s recycling initiatives during their event day experience.


In accordance with MLS and Sporting Club security procedures, fans may not exit and re-enter the stadium using the same ticket. There will be no exceptions for this policy.39


There are 32 public restrooms located throughout Children’s Mercy Park. All restrooms are ADA accessible and equipped with a baby changing station. Please ask any staff member for directions to the closest restroom.


Security Procedures

In accordance with current MLS Stadium Best Practices for Stadium Security and Children’s Mercy Park security guidelines, all fans will be subject to a security screening prior to entry, including an inspection of all items brought inside the facility. Fans can assist in this procedure by carrying their cell phone in their hand and leaving all other items in their pockets or clear bag before reaching the walk-through metal detectors. Fans are encouraged to arrive early to avoid delays. Children’s Mercy Park reserves the right to deny entry to any fan that does not follow security procedures.

Shield Club

Fans holding tickets for Club level sections 106 – 108 have access to the Shield Club located on the west side of the stadium on the main level. Please enter Children’s Mercy Park through the West or North Premium Entry for access up to the Shield Club. In addition, fans holding tickets for UMB Field Club, Executive Level or Audi Sport Club access are permitted into the Shield Club.


Smoking (including e-cigarettes) is NOT ALLOWED IN CHILDREN’S MERCY PARK.


Children’s Mercy Park welcomes fans with strollers. However, strollers are prohibited from all stadium seating sections and concourse areas. All strollers must be checked-in at the nearest Fan Services Kiosk, located on the concourse near sections 101 and 132. Premium ticket-holders with strollers must check them in at each respective concierge desk.



Tickets for Children’s Mercy Park events may be purchased the following ways:

Ticket Re-sale/Scalping

The resale of event tickets, regardless of price, is prohibited at Children’s Mercy Park. Fans that purchase tickets from an unauthorized vendor do so at their own risk. Tickets from an unauthorized vendor could be counterfeit. Sporting Club and Children’s Mercy Park will not provide a replacement or refund for invalid tickets purchased through an unauthorized ticketing provider.40



Fans are not permitted to bring firearms (including concealed-carry) or any other weapons onto Children’s Mercy Park property.


The will call windows are located at the west box office at the West gate. The west box office opens 3 hours prior to kickoff and closes at halftime. Will-Call tickets can be claimed only by the person whose name appears on the will-call envelope. State or government photo identification is required.