Each year, The Sporting Kansas City mascot, makes appearances at several community and corporate events. If you are interested in having Blue participate in your event, please review the guidelines and submit a request below.

When considering appearance requests, we adhere to the criteria listed below:

  • Incomplete requests will not be considered.
  • No career days.
  • All requests must be received four (4) weeks prior to the event.
  • Clearly defined role for Blue (i.e. sign autographs, hand out awards, etc.)
  • No activities with risk of injury

Promoting Blue Appearances

Use of the Sporting Kansas City name, logos and trademarks and/or any advertising that implies the support or sponsorship of an event or organization by Sporting Kansas City, The Victory Project, or Major League Soccer must be approved in writing by Sporting Kansas City. Before promoting a Blue appearance, please contact the Community Relations Department (communityrelations@sportingkc.com) for approval. This policy pertains to all forms of advertising, including all print, television and radio promotion.

Mascot Appearance Fees

  • Monday through Thursday starting at $150 for 60 minutes
  • Friday through Sunday starting at $250 for 60 minutes
  • Mileage and travel reimbursement subject to additional cost.

Please fill out the form below completely.