Sporting KC Dog Club at Bar K -
Sporting KC Dog Club at Bar K -

The Sporting KC Dog Club at Bar K is a new way for Sporting fans of all ages (and breeds!) to show their fandom alongside alongside their canine companions.

As part of an exciting new partnership with Bar K, a unique restaurant, bar, coffeehouse and dog park, Sporting KC Dog Club Members will receive exclusive discounts and added benefits at both Bar K and Children’s Mercy Park.

To Learn more about Bar K Dog Bar, visit the link below.

Features of the club include:

Season Ticket Member Discount

Sporting Season Ticket Members receive an exclusive discount price to join the Sporting KC Dog Club at Bar K.

(15% off a regularly priced membership at Bar K)

Non-STM Sporting fans joining the Sporting KC Dog Club at Bar K will receive 50% off their first purchase of single match tickets and 20% off single match tickets for any subsequent purchases.

Sporting Stripes & Sporting Stars

Sporting Kansas City and Bar K are excited to offer Sporting Stripes and Sporting Stars showcase classes for members of the club. These early childhood developmental program classes will take place in a closed turf area within Bar K and are the only pet friendly soccer clinics that Sporting KC offers.

Members of the club can have their children (Stripes: Ages 2-5; Stripes: Ages 5-8) participate in these free showcase classes while also bringing along their dog to enjoy all that Bar K offers._