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Anything But: Colton Storm talks roomies, college, boy bands and more

You already keep up with Sporting KC on the pitch, but what about off the pitch?'s Anything But series is your exclusive look into the lives of players and coaches outside of soccer.

Defender Colton Storm was selected by Sporting KC as the No. 14 overall pick in the 2017 MLS SuperDraft. The 22-year-old Pennsylvania native made a good first impression, finishing second in the annual beep test.

It’s your first preseason with Sporting KC and Peter Vermes matched you up with roommates. Who’d you get paired with?

Ike Opara.

We know it's only been a couple of days, but does he have any weird sleeping habits? 

​No weird sleeping habits so far. But one thing that is kind of different is that he never watches TV. Ever. So if we are both in the room, most of the time we'll talk and get to know each other, but sometimes we'll just sit there in complete silence.

During those chats, have you learned any fun facts about Ike?

I learned that he's from Durham! And since he's from there, he knows everything about (the University of North Carolina), which is where I played. He knew the name of our practice field, where it was located and all the best spots to eat and hang out on downtown Franklin Street.

Speaking of North Carolina... Outside of soccer, what is the best part about UNC?

Franklin Street is definitely the best thing about UNC outside of soccer. There are so many great restaurants and shops and there's always something to do right there next to campus. The other best part is the culture in North Carolina and how everyone that lives there is so bought in to athletics. We had tons of college students attend our games, but we had just as many families from the area come out to support us. I don't think you see that everywhere, so that was pretty special.

And then, of course, on the soccer field you led the team to the Final Four this past December. What is your best memory from that trip on the field?

Even though we lost in PKs, I'd still have to say the penalty kicks against Stanford in the Final Four were the best part. We had an amazing season, made it to the final four and then went 10 rounds deep into PKs. We made the first nine. When your teammates are sinking them after you practiced them everyday, it feels good. It's a great feeling knowing that you did what you were supposed to. We just came up one PK short.

And off?

Probably that first day when we got to Houston. Everyone was just really excited. We had a training session right when we got there and that went well. Then we had the Final Four banquet at the Aquarium downtown. It was amazing and set up just for us and the other three teams that made it. There were rides outside, think of it like a carnival type feel. So we get done with dinner and all the teams head outside and start going on rides. Our coach wasn't having it. At all! So we piled back into the vans and hung out at the hotel relaxing. I had a really close relationship with coach (Carlos Somoano) and he taught me so much. This just epitomizes his style, so it makes me laugh thinking about how strict he was when everyone else is posting on social media on rides the night before the College Cup.

You sunk your PK in College Cup side netting, so what's your go-to celebration when you score?

I'm a fist pump kind of guy. I heard I need to chat with Paulo Nagamura about perfecting it.

Who are your three best friends?

Spencer Sheely, Garrett Long and my brother Garrett Storm.

What’s the craziest thing that you guys have ever done?

Probably the craziest and stupidest, but we were at the outlets and started talking about tattoos because we saw a guy with sleeves. One of our other friends that was there with us, Jeremy Salmon, who is a huge football player that has two or three tattoos himself was like, "You guys won't get a tattoo right now." I said I would, so we hopped into the car and drove straight to a tattoo spot, and that's how my back tattoo came to be.

Anything But: Colton Storm talks roomies, college, boy bands and more -

How would you describe your haircut right now?

Mohawk fade. I always like to be clean cut, but I'm definitely into trying different styles with my hair.

Will you ever grow your hair out long?

​I don't think so. I've had it long before, but I just can't stand the in-between stage.

Speaking of long hair, what four players would you pick to join you in your Sporting KC boy band? And what role would you have in the band? 

(Please note: Storm had only known teammates for five days when participating in this Q&A)

  • Christian Volesky: Could see him being a really good singer.
  • Andrew Dykstra: Drums because I could see him having a wild side.
  • Dom Dwyer: Guitar because he's a real fashionable guy that could just stand on the stage and rock out.
  • I would be the backup vocalist.
  • Ike Opara: He'd be the pianist because he seems really sophisticated and would just do wonders with the piano.

What would your band be called?

"Young and Reckless."

With a name like Storm, what's the best joke or one-liner you've ever received?

I get a lot of them. The best was probably when I first saw Peter Vermes at the training facility in KC and he asked if I "took KC by storm" yet. Same joke I've gotten a million times, but was funnier when he said it. Completely caught me off guard. You always see him as this tough, aggressive guy that's all business on the field, so it was cool seeing him joking around off the field.

Did you know any of the guys before you got to preseason camp?

Oumar Ballo. We played PDL summer together three years ago for Reading United.

Introvert or extrovert?

Hardest question ever. Extrovert. No, maybe an introvert.

Hot chocolate or coffee?

Coffee. Decaf, two creams.

Summer or winter?

Summer. Definitely.