US Open Cup 2012 - Trophy Presentation and Confetti

Where were you when we raised the Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup in 2012?  I remember it like it was yesterday. Thousands of us, screaming, crying, jumping around like maniacs. The noise, the smoke, the singing, the rhythm of the match, the shootout… and then the celebration as one united Sporting family. One club. For the glory of the city.

I am so fortunate that I get the chance to reach out to you about important games so often. You fix these moments in time for all of us - make them unforgettable for the players, the coaches and for the whole city. I lament the fact that this match can’t be played in Sporting Park after all the record-breaking crowds you’ve delivered over the course of this tournament – you deserve it. Having said that, we look forward to the challenge of going on the road and bringing the Cup back home to Kansas City.

There’s no denying that the past two months have been challenging on the field, but tomorrow night is about something completely different. Thousands of athletes have successful pro careers, but very few leave legacies. Tomorrow night, the core group of Sporting Kansas City has the opportunity to do just that; three trophies in four years, and more importantly – going undefeated in cup championship decisions. For guys like Matt, Graham, Seth, Chance, Paulo and Dom this Open Cup final presents an opportunity to forever put their stamp on Sporting Kansas City’s history. It’s the sort of opportunity that burns your name into the collective memory of this club. The sort of opportunity of which Legends are made.

You have been a seminal part in creating this legacy. You have carried the team with your hearts and voices in Sporting Park, but tomorrow it’s a much tougher challenge in PPL Park. The Sons of Ben are hungry for a first-ever piece of silverware and they are going to do their best to ruin our night. As in the past, we need every bit of energy from you in order to get this done – 1,200 strong, in full-voice, for at least 90 minutes…..

Where will you be when we raise the Cup in 2015? Whether you’ve made the trip to Philadelphia with us or are watching on ESPN2 or following the Twitter feed, I hope you know the club can feel your energy – can feel you driving the team forward. We all have periods we identify with as some of the “best of our lives,” and tomorrow we have the opportunity to propel this team to create memories that will be classified as just that. You’ve always meant the world to this club, and we’re calling on you again. The guys are prepared and ready to go. It’s been way too long since we’ve all celebrated together and we can't wait to bring the Cup back to Kansas City to celebrate with you once again. It’s been way too long to wait to #paintthewall.  Let’s go get this….