Welcome to the Sporting Kansas City pickup club! This is a community club focused on giving fans access and information about pickup soccer opportunities throughout the Kansas City area!

In addition to learning about pickup soccer opportunities, you'll be invited to exclusive pickup soccer events hosted once a month in collaboration with other organizations around KC!

Joining is extremely easy - complete the form below to be notified on upcoming pickup opportunities and exclusive soccer events throughout the 2024 season!

Places to Play Pickup in Kansas City:


2525 Jefferson St, Kansas City, MO 64108 | $7 Cost to Play

- Tuesdays 11AM-1PM

- Thursdays 11AM-1PM

- Fridays Over 30 6PM-8PM

- Saturday 2PM-4PM


Soccer KC

Soccer KC is a soccer club that meets at premium turf fields to play friendly and organized pickup soccer games. Check out the website for upcoming pickup events.