Sporting Sounds: Matt Besler recalls epic "Waffles" video with Jimmy Conrad

When Matt Besler was asked to arrive at a diner in the Westport neighborhood of Kansas City, he didn’t quite know what to expect. The Kansas City Wizards rookie knew he would be featured in the club’s new TV commercial with teammate and U.S. international Jimmy Conrad, but he hadn’t read any sort of script.

Not too surprisingly, veteran Conrad put Besler in his place in what has become a famous 2009 TV spot. Sporting Kansas City’s current captain would get his revenge nine years later in a clever remake of the commercial, stepping on a pancake with his soccer cleats to serve Conrad his desired waffles.

As Sporting prepares to face reigning MLS Cup champion Atlanta United FC on Retro Night, Besler recounted this story during his customary Wednesday morning appearance on The Border Patrol with hosts Nate Bukaty, Steven St. John and Jake Gutierrez.

Tickets for the Retro Night showdown are available at with kickoff set for 8 p.m. CT on Sunday. Continuing a long-standing Retro Night tradition, supporters will have the chance to purchase the brand-new retro jersey at SportingStyle locations while enjoying a comprehensive throwback experience at Children's Mercy Park.

In addition to discussing Retro Night, Besler gave an update on his hamstring injury—he’s progressing well and should be back on the field later this month—and the challenges of facing an Atlanta United side that has started slowly in 2019 after roaring to the league title last year.

Listen to the full podcast from Sports Radio 810 WHB above, and check out the old and new versions of the Waffles commercial below.

Besler Wants Waffles (2009)

Besler's Breakfast Revenge (2018)