Supporters - Cauldron Emeritus -

Retired or honorably discharged from active professional duty, but retaining the title of one’s office or position.

The Cauldron Emeritus is located in the middle of Section 131 at Children’s Mercy Park. Where we don’t need to save a seat with a scarf, we can drink at the tailgate right up until kickoff, and children are encouraged to yell ‘Nice Shot Jackass!’ when called for. Formally created in 2011 by past members of Cauldron leadership, our group is a mixture of supporters that spans the history of the club.

Many of our members are still active within the Cauldron. You’ll find us on Roaddrons, staffing the tailgates, participating in tifo painting, as well as coordinating and participating in charity events. Pouring ‘Irish Car Bombs’ whenever possible, think of us as the fix you need when you want to feel involved, but a slight step down from the craziness of The Cauldron.

Look for #131FearTheReaper on social media


If Children's Mercy Park was fueled on passion, the engine of the stadium would reside within The Cauldron. The LOUDEST Supporters Club in all of Major League Soccer. Perched behind the north goal, The Cauldron's energy, creativity, and penchant for beer drinking make it the league's standard bearers when it comes to diehard fans.


The family-friendly South Stand spans sections 115-121 at Children's Mercy Park offering a great view from behind the goal in a fun environment. With chair-back seats, cup holders, and year-round protection from the elements, the South Stand has it all. The South Stand SC is an umbrella supporters club for affiliates, all with unique regions, watch parties and personalities, offering a home for just about anyone.