Jacob Peterson Q&A Part 2 -

In case you missed it, check out Part 1 of this Q&A here.

How does it feel to constantly be confused with Peterson Joseph?

Jake: Well, we look so similar! But seriously, it is weird and confusing. When people call out “Peterson,” I always look. I even call him Peterson which is weird for me, I probably should call him Joseph.

What would you change your name to ensure that this mix up never happened again?

Jake: I wouldn’t change my name, I would change his name. Probably to some Haitian name. (He asks the question aloud) “Whats a good Haitian name?” (answers himself) “Claude?” (laughs with his teammates who pass by). I don’t know this is hard, let’s go with that, it seems pretty fitting.

The teams you’ve played on haven’t fared so well, how does it feel to be a part of a winning club?

Jake: It’s nice to be on a team you can count on to always do well.

It’s no secret you are one of the hardest workers of the team, if you could compare yourself to an animal on the field , what would it be? What about off the field and why?

Jake: Well I’ve always wanted one, and I’ve been compared to them before so I am going to have to go with a Rottweiler. As for off the field, there is this running joke between my wife and I about this one time I told someone my favorite animal at the zoo was a prairie dog. Since I am a pretty relaxed guy, I would have to say I resemble a prairie dog. They just seem all relaxed and then suddenly pop up from their holes, all cute like, and look around.I could see myself doing that. And you know, there are lots of them in Colorado so that makes it even more fitting.

If you could compare Peter Vermes to any animal what would it be?

Jake: Oh wow, I better be careful with this one, probably the most intense animal I can think of maybe a gorilla or even King Kong. He could also be a panther because he is kind of mysterious yet very powerful.

Scenario: You are going to be stranded on an island and can only take two players from the team with you, who do you take and why?

Jake: Michael Thomas, because he wanted me to mention his name and he is also very resourceful. I probably would take Kei because he has been through a lot in life and I think he has developed a lot of survival skills.

Who on the team would die first, and why?             

Jake: What kind of question is this! Well, Collin would forget to find food because he would just be out in the sun all day. But definitely Mikey lopez, he’d be gone.

If you were forced to turn cannibalistic who would you eat first?

Jake: My goodness, what are these questions!? Well, are we going for nutritional value or do you go for taste?


Jake: Taste would be Jimmy because he has the highest body fat so he’s like a tasty ribeye. You could even collect pineapples and stuff to marinate him in and it’s my favorite steak, so it would be good. Nutrition wise, Mikey I think has the lowest body fat, so he would be like a lean cut of turkey, he eats a lot of vegetables too, so he would probably have the highest nutritional value.

(Someone mentions Zusi as they walk by)

Jake: I definitely would not eat Zusi, you would have to get through a lot of hair so definitely not him.