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Major League Soccer's primary transfer window will close at 11:59 p.m. CT on Tuesday. Between now and then, MLS clubs are able to request International Transfer Certificates (ITC) from players' former clubs to complete signings, loans and transfer deals. 

While deals can otherwise be completed outside the transfer windows, receipt of a player's ITC is required in order to add players to official rosters and for those players to be eligible to play in competitive matches.

The close of the transfer window on Tuesday night will also mean that trades between MLS teams for players can no longer take place. In accordance with the transfer window, the trade window for players is open until Tuesday, and will open again for the secondary transfer window in the summer. Trades for non-player assets, including international roster slots, allocation money, allocations order slots and MLS SuperDraft picks, can take place outside the transfer window periods.

The secondary transfer window for the 2018 MLS season will run July 10 to Aug. 8.

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