Jimmy Nielsen Q&A

So everyone knows Sporting Kansas City is having a dominant season.  We are sweeping the stat boards all the way to the playoffs.  What the wins, shots, goals, assists and shutouts don’t show is the delightful personalities of the players behind them.  Sure you may know that scoring on Jimmy Nielsen is a tough gig, but do you know about his beauty regiment and love of Danish hot dogs? Didn’t think so.  So let’s take a step back from all the tactics and playoff buzz and talk about anything but soccer with some of Sporting’s biggest stars.   First up is Jimmy Nielsen:

The guys in the locker room all agree, you have the best singing voice.  If you were a pop star what would you sing?

I don’t listen to a lot of music so the only music I really listen to is what my oldest daughter plays at home. Right now she is playing all Taylor Swift music so if I could change my voice to sound womanly,  I would probably sing something by Taylor Swift.

Also, what would you wear on stage?

The outfits Madonna wears.

What is your grooming regiment for your hair?  Also please talk about your beauty regiment.

I don’t take care of my hair.  My wife buys my shampoo.  It takes me five minutes to get ready. I get up, get out of bed, brush my teeth, take the dog out and then I go wake up my kids.

You have two daughters; one is a teenager and a total heartbreaker.  How have you handled the attention she gets from boys?

We talk a lot about it because I told her that she is a smart, pretty girl- the boys will come at one point but I’m doing my best to make sure it stays to friendships. I don’t allow any boyfriends.   There was a boy that was texting her and she had her phone suspended for a few weeks and I called up the boys’ parents and the boy and told him not text her.

Do they celebrate Halloween in Denmark?


What would you dress up as?

I would love to be John Travolta or Hugh Hefner- that’ a simple costume.

When I played goalkeeper and the action was at the other side of the field, I would often do cartwheels and make daisy chains.  Do you ever get the urge to do these things?

No. I don’t.  The worst thing I’ve ever done as a kid in the goal was when the ball was in the other end, I was playing with the net and talking to my mom and she said “Hey they’re coming!” and my finger got stuck in the net and the other team scored on me and my coach was screaming so much that my mom pulled me out and took me home.

My mom has a really big crush on you.

She does?

Yes. And so do all of her friends.  How does it make you feel to know that you are every mom’s fantasy? 

It makes me feel old but I don’t mind it. I’m not doing anything on purpose to be a sex symbol to moms.  My age is up there so I would rather a 40-year-old have a crush on me than a 15-year old.

What would your last meal on earth be?

A Danish hot dog. It’s just different than the hot dogs here.   They have places in Denmark that only sell hot dogs so they are made with a lot of love. It’s just different.

Why did you go with a pink goalkeeper’s kit? Jon Kempin told me the other goalkeepers had no say in the color…

When I saw it in the catalog I thought the color looked OK. When I saw the jersey in person for the first time I thought “Is that what a picked?!” But it’s OK.  It’s just an outfit.

What color would you wear in the goal if you had a choice?

Kei Kamara: He’d be naked
Jimmy: *laughs* If I could! I would wear a black top, black shorts and white socks.
Kamara: The black puma

Do you do anything else in your goalkeeper gloves? Like take hot things out of the oven, garden, swim etc.

*Laughs* I pick up dog poop.

You’re the oldest guy on the team. What do you wish you knew when you were 21 that that you know now?

A lot of stuff. You know it’s hard to pick one thing. It’s more like overall with everything you do on and off the field that you’re just getting a little smarter with age.  I did a lot of crap when I was a young keeper but I don’t regret anything. I have enjoyed every moment of every age.

Do you use any anti-aging products?

My wife is buying me stuff and telling me I have to clean my face and spray stuff and put cream on. It doesn’t work.