CJ Sapong - Sporting KC v Houston Dynamo - Nov 4, 2012
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Quotes: Postgame reaction from HOU 2-0 SKC

Dynamo head coach Dominic Kinnear


Thoughts on the match


“It’s a great win, but we have to look forward to Wednesday. It was a tough game tonight and it will be a tough game on Wednesday.  We battled hard and we scored two great goals. We knew Kansas City was going to come out and make it difficult for us and I don’t think that will change come Wednesday. As the cliché goes, it is halftime and that’s the complete truth. For all of our efforts, in return we get to go to a difficult place to play against the team we played today. It’s a great result for us and for the fans.”


On playing after the mid-week game


“The guys looked pretty lively at practice. And it’s the playoffs. We have kept practices short to give the guys as much time to rest as possible. We told the guys before the game that if you start out slowly, they can impress their will upon you.”


On the goals


“Give Will Bruin a ton of credit. It was a heads up play to keep the play alive and knock it to Adam [Moffat] and obviously it was a fantastic strike by Adam. Then the second goal was just a great play by Calen Carr to wiggle himself free and Will’s finish is a good finish. It’s not an easy one. You need that second goal and it did give us a little cushion.”


On heading to Kansas City on Wednesday


“They are an explosive team. They test you physically at every opportunity with long throws and set pieces and big, strong powerful players. By no means is this over. We definitely have our work cut out for us and I think if we bring the same attitude and determination that we showed today, then we will be battling hard again on Wednesday.”


Dynamo midfielder Adam Moffat


Thoughts on the match


“The result is fantastic. We know it’s only half-way there. It’s always good for confidence to not concede goals. We are delighted, but we know we are only half-way there so we look forward to Wednesday night.”


Thoughts on the goal


“It felt great as soon as I hit the ball. It just felt like one of those that I connected well with. It’s been a while since I’ve done that and fortunately for me it went in the top corner. It was a great feeling.”


On going to Kansas City on Wednesday


“Last year, obviously we got that result in the conference final but in the league we lost 3-0 there. We know it’s going to be tough but if we just keep doing what we are doing, working hard for one another, keeping our shape and discipline, we will give ourselves a great shot. We are not expecting it to be easy.”


On the mindset of the team


“It’s a weird feeling when it is two legs. Usually, when you win a game, you have your award right there. Nothing is done. We have just set ourselves well for the next game. We haven’t done anything yet. It’s just halftime and the second half is next week. I know they are feeling they are still in the game. You don’t want to get over-excited. You want to be happy with your achievement but we have not won yet. It’s such a quick turnaround so you want to start preparing for the next game, which is coming quick.”


Dynamo goalkeeper Tally Hall


On the team’s mindset going to Kansas City


“We are not going ready to advance, we are going in for another battle of 90 minutes. We have to stay composed. Composure for 180 minutes is key and this result changes nothing.”


On coming away with a 2-0 result


“You always want points on the board. It’s a long second half. It’s 90 minutes and with how good they are, it’s going to be an uphill battle. We have to come in ready to work hard for 90 more minutes. We have to give everything we have to advance.”


On dealing with Kansas City’s attack next Wednesday


“For us, our first pass out of pressure is very important because they are going to be throwing numbers forward. We need to pass the ball beyond their pressure, find an open man and take our time. Movement off the ball will be crucial because if we are just standing around without the ball, they are going to attack us for 90 minutes and that’s not a good thing with the caliber of players they have.”


Sporting KC head coach Peter Vermes


Thoughts on the match


“The game started out OK. I think the heat got to us a little bit. Them getting the first goal, 20 minutes in, change the game a little bit. They did a very good job in the first half of every time we won the ball, they did a good job of getting numbers around us. And every time, they either won the ball or they fouled us. They broke the rhythm of the game very quickly and always had 11 guys behind the ball. They slowed the game down when they won it and did a good job on the counter on the second goal when we were pushing forward.”


On if the result was a disaster


“It would be better if it were 0-0 or 2-0 our way. I wouldn’t use that word. There have been many teams that have come back from this situation. This club did it in 2000 being 1-0 down and then you go to the mini-game. It’s half time and we are getting ready for our home game.”


On if the 11-day layoff factored into the result


“We don’t have any excuses. We just get on with the next game. As far as I’m concerned, they played well and got their result at home and we just need to do the same at our place.”


Sporting KC goalkeeper Jimmy Nielsen


On the team’s mindset


“It’s not time to be sad right now. It’s time to show who you are. I don’t believe we showed who we were today. We have the home advantage on Wednesday. We know we need to score at least two goals. We need to come in with an attacking mentality. You are down 2-0, but it’s not like we lost 5-0.”


“There’s no time to be frustrated, there’s no time to be sad. It’s time to show who you are. It’s time for us to step up and show we are a playoff team as well.”


Sporting KC defender Seth Sinovic


Thoughts on the match


“We are down two at halftime. We are going to come back in the second half and we are going to win it. There is plenty of game left.”


On the first goal


“It was a little bit behind me. I just tried to get anything I could on it and Moffat got a good hit on it.”


On the choppiness of the game


“We knew it was going to be a battle. It was by no means a pretty game. They got the first one and they better be ready for the second one.”