C.J. Sapong Q&A

Sporting Kansas City’s CJ Sapong has got the moves on and off the field. You may know him for his beastly athleticism, colorful goal celebrations and skills as a freestyle rapper.  But did you know about Sapong’s success as a fierce limbo competitor?   How about his thoughts on corduroy pants?  Read on and find out.

The guys always like to give you hell for being constantly late. What would you like to say in your defense?

Not too much I can say. Always been a characteristic of me to cut it close. I have gotten better at being on time though so hopefully I can keep it up. Progression is key!

You used to drive a really old car that never started.  But you loved it dearly and called it the Snow Bunny.  Can you tell me where that name originated?

It was a white Honda Accord that used to glide down the street like a snow bunny through a pasture.

You're a mama's boy. What do you miss most about your mom when you're not at home in DC?

Her great conversation and FOOD

Who is your favorite celebrity couple?

Ice T and Coco

What do you think Prince William and Kate Middleton should name their baby?


Where'd you learn to do a backflip? Gymnastics?

I just tried it one day.

What were you like in high school?

Fun-loving and a little troublesome

Have you ever won anything non-soccer related?

A couple dance competitions and a limbo contest in elementary school

What was the last movie you cried in?

The Notebook

What's your go-to pick-up line?

The darker the berry… if she doesn’t finish it, she’s not for me [laughs]

I've heard you can eat whatever you want and it has no effect on your body. Describe what you eat in a typical day.

About four peanut butter sandwiches dipped in hot chocolate for breakfast. Chipotle for lunch and dinner

What did you get for Christmas? 

A wool coat and lots of smiles

You once said that Daniel Radcliffe would play you in the movie of your life. Does that still stand? Do you think he could beef up to look like you? What advice would you give him to play you?

[Laughs] I don’t think so. Doubt he can do a backflip!

What makes you feel like a man?

Gaining knowledge everyday and consistently progressing as a person

What’s one fashion look you wish you could pull off?

Corduroy pants