Seth Sinovic Q&A

Tomorrow is Kansas’ 152nd birthday.  But today it's all about Kansas’ pride and joy birthday boy Seth Sinovic.  We caught up with our loveable 26-year-old left back to talk best birthdays and throwing rocks at teammates.

What’s the best birthday present you’ve ever gotten?

A Ghostbusters backpack

Coolest birthday party you’ve ever had?

When I turned 16, some of my friends threw a surprise birthday for me at my house.

How are you celebrating today?

I’m hanging out with the guys on the team.  We are watching the KU game. I’ve been trying to lay off the candy since it’s my New Year’s Resolution, but maybe I’ll have a little bit.

How is your tan coming along in Arizona?

Well, I am constantly being embarrassed by my roommate Chance [Myers] because he just got back from Hawaii. But I’m working on it.

Do you and Chance do anything fun as roommates?

We have been scaring the guys on the lower levels by hiding on our balcony at night and throwing stuff at them.  They don’t know it’s us yet.

Now that you’re #15, are you going to grow out your hair like Roger Espinoza?

I will grow out my hair until the end of February, then I’m cutting it.  I can’t pull off the Roger Espinoza look.

You took a nasty spill into the field boards last year.  If you could send one message the makers of those boards, what would it be?

Maybe they could add some stop signs or padding.

What’s the worst pronunciation you’ve ever heard for your last name?


How do you feel about Kansas being #2 to Soony Saad’s Michigan?

Obviously, Kansas should be number one.

Who is the best driver? The worst?

I am the best driver but also the worst parker.  Jimmy Nielsen is the worst.  He drives on the wrong side of the road.

Who controls the radio in your van?

Chance [Myers] is our DJ, with helpful suggestions from me.