Bobby Convey Q&A

Bobby Convey has seen and done a lot in his 14-year professional soccer career.  The World Cup veteran sat down with us to talk about extreme couponing, his coconut doppelganger and playing tennis with Landon Donovan.

First off, tell me a little about your off-season.  Where’d you go? What’d you do?

First, I went to the doctor and sorted out my hamstring. I worked out twice a day every day and I saw a lot of family. I went to D.C. and trained with my old trainer from D.C. United and then I went home to Charleston and trained with my trainer from my time with U.S. Men’s National Team. I also painted my house.

We are a few days into pre-season. How’s your tan looking so far?

Well, I am at the pool right now but it’s not looking good.

Most guys in MLS went to high school and on to college before joining the league.  You didn’t go to high school, but did you ever go to a high school dance?

I went to prom once…

Landon Donovan was your roommate at Bradenton. Did he snore? Did you guys do any fun roommate stuff together?

[Laughs] No, he didn’t snore.  We played tennis every day after training and we were both really competitive. We were pretty evenly matched.  We were friends but our tennis games weren’t friendly. When he was at the net I wouldn’t hesitate to hit him with the ball.

You’re a well-traveled man. What’s your favorite place you’ve ever visited? 

The Bahamas.  I did a soccer clinic there for kids and I loved it.

I’m sure you’ve swapped a lot of jerseys with players in your career.  What’s your most prized jersey you’ve swapped for?

I have a lot. I once swapped jerseys with Brazil’s Ronaldinho and I brought it home and my little brother wore it to school. 

Where do you keep all the cool soccer stuff you accumulated from playing in Europe and in a World Cup?

My mom has everything from my career in her house in Philadelphia.

What’s the strangest thing a fan has ever given you?

When I was in Argentina a fan gave me a coconut that was carved to look like me. I still have it. 

Why did you get rid of your frosted tips on your hair?

Because they were horrible. I was 16 and experimenting.

Your wife told me you suffered from a bout of extreme couponing. Tell me about that…

I got bored in the off-season one year so after I saw an episode of extreme couponing and I decided to try it. I eventually got like 30 things of deodorant for free from Walgreens. I gave a lot of it away to a shelter but my wife and I haven’t bought deodorant in at least two years.

You’ve played professional soccer for nearly half of your life.  What advice would you give 16-year-old Bobby?

I would say, work harder, appreciate it more and enjoy yourself.

Lastly, any chance of joining Twitter? 

No, probably not. The only way I’d do it is to help promote the charities I am involved with… so maybe.