#SJvSKC Quotes: "We were dominant in the game"


On the match overall:

“I think from the opening whistle to the final whistle, I thought that we were good. I think we were dominant in the game. We thought this was going to be a really dangerous game. When a team is out of the playoffs, there’s all different things that they could be playing for, and I think that San Jose is a team that fights hard, always. We were on tonight and I think we were very clinical in and around the box which is a big part of the game. Had some great finishes, we were very confident in our buildup play, which actually created a lot of opportunities for us. And so, both defensively and offensively, we were solid tonight.”

On Gerso Fernandes’ performance:

“It was probably one of his best performances of the year. A lot of it had to do with his movement off the ball, it was just tremendous. Obviously he scored and all that, but just his movement in the game was great. I think he caused a lot of problems for their back line and a lot has to with the fact that he’s working very hard in training every week and I’m a big believer that if you do well in training it usually translates to the game. And that’s one of the reasons why he’s playing so well at the moment, he’s in good form.”

On not letting up after two early goals:

“We talked about it not only leading up to this week, but a lot last night and today as were getting prepared for the game. Coming over here, one of the big things was we wanted to make sure that we kept the foot on the gas pedal because they have some very good players here. I mean, Wondo [Chris Wondolowski] is not close to breaking the [all-time MLS goals] record because he doesn’t score goals. [Danny] Hoesen is a very good player, I was kind of glad he didn’t start, that was a good thing. But again, they have a team that they find chances in and around the box and they’re very busy and they take risks. And so we knew that we were going to have to be very attentive to the game and more importantly to their movement in and around the box. And I think we were pretty good for most of it, other than the goal they scored.”


On the match:

“I think we controlled the whole game. Maybe in the second half, the first 15 minutes, they played a little bit better, but in the first half we scored three goals and in the second half we tried to keep the result. I did the fourth goal for the game, and we won. We are happy, first in the table, so it is a good night tonight.”

On scoring his first goal for Kansas City since his return to the club:

“I have been waiting for this moment. I got the chance, so I tried to add for the team, and Gerso [Fernandes] gave me a great ball, so it was an easy goal.”

On maintaining the lead:

“It is a dangerous result always. We tried to be organized, tried to keep the zero – that was most important – and we knew we were going to have some chances and score goals, so that was the main idea.”


On the ‘easy’ match:

“The whole team made it easy because we knew that it would be a hard game because they were in a hard position and they want to do something to show their supporters that they can keep doing something. We knew it would be hard for us playing a team like that, and playing in their home, so we had to be very focused and do our job.”

On his two goals and two assists:

“Especially because the whole team helped me with scoring and assisting, because they had to be there to score. So I’m happy that we got the three points and the team had a great team job.”

On the match overall:

“I think we were almost perfect, we just need to keep doing the same thing because we know what are our goals and need to keep working to accomplish them.”


Overall thoughts on the loss:

“First of all, congratulations to Sporting Kansas City. I think they are a really good team so in my perspective I think they’re the best team we have played against this season. They are organized and they have good players so they’re doing a really good job over there. We came out without energy. You can talk about game plans, structure and these kinds of things but we’re playing at home, so we at least expect some energy. Everything went wrong in the first half, no energy, poor quality with the ball and we possessed the ball way too slow. We also conceded the goals too easily.”

On how the team performed in the second half:

Obviously, we came out in the second half much better with more energy from a physical standpoint. You’re facing a good team as well, so it was hard for us to get pressure on the ball but then we had some possession and we were too static. I have to analyze that, and we have to talk to the players about that. In the second half we came out with more energy and more commitment. We put some pressure on them. We created some chances and took risks in the second half and we conceded goals. It was a really bad game for almost the whole game.”

On if the lineup should change:

“Well, with this lineup, we beat FC Dallas at home with almost the same idea. You can always discuss lineups and game plans but obviously we conceded five goals. From my perspective, it was the worst home performance this season. For about 15 to 20 minutes in the start of the second half it was okay, the spirit was much better but at that moment we were down 3-0.”


On what went wrong in the game:

“We came out very flat in the first half. You can dig yourself a hole that is insurmountable. We showed better fight in the second half, but it still wasn’t good enough across the 90 minutes. Anytime you come out with no energy and lackadaisical you get punished.”

On what needs to change in the team:

“I would like to change our mentality. We need to come out a lot sharper and ready to play. Sporting KC is a great team, but we need to be sharper all across the board.”

On coming out of the international break:

“You have a break but you’re still trying to work hard. We had a lot of guys traveling that went over to Europe to play some international games. That’s not an excuse, but that all factors into it. We just sometimes come out flat, and today we came out very flat.”

On if the team has accepted these performances:

“There’s still a sense that we should do more. We’re all playing for literally our contracts and our livelihoods. We all know that it needs to be better and we need to be sharper. I think sometimes when you get beaten down so many times you start looking forward. We need to show more resilience.”

On the second half:

“I do think that we were a lot better in the second half. We’re well past the silver linings and glimpses here and there. We have another game in four days, so that’s all of our concentration now. We’ll definitely watch film and learn from our mistakes.”

On the message to the Earthquakes fans:

“We’re just so thankful to have them. They are some of the most dedicated and knowledgeable fans. They don’t deserve this. I just feel so bad for them because they deserve a lot better and they’re not getting it. It hurts us, but I feel for them as well because they do deserve better and should get better.”


Overall thoughts on the game:

“A loss is a loss, and this was a big one. Of course, if I come in I want to give energy and at least get a goal for myself and for the team as well. I think today we faced a very, very good team. Quality-wise they are up there with the top. At this point we’re not good enough to get a result against this team.”

On coming on as a substitute:

“Obviously, I wasn’t happy that I’m not starting. I want to start every game. If you can do two things, you can be mad and not work, or try to show the coaches wrong. That’s what I try to do. I just give energy and try to get something for the team.”

On if coming on as a substitute changes the mentality:

“It shouldn’t. We’re all professional. Maybe it helps a little bit that the defenders are a little bit tired and you’re fresh, but at the end you normally want to come on and change the game a little bit.”

On what needs to improve to get results:

“We need to play better. It’s simple. We’re still making mistakes. It’s harder than people might think. Obviously, the confidence isn’t high at the moment and we don’t have much to play for, but we want to get out of last place. That’s the biggest embarrassment you can have in a season. That’s the only goal we have.”

On if there is still fight with just six games remaining:

“There’s still energy. In the second half we kept trying and kept going. You should be professional enough to keep fighting until the last game.”