Technical Staff

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Jon Farrell
Director, Team Administration

Mike Flaherty
Director, Equipment Operations

Betsy Maxfield
Director, Player Care

Satoshi Iida
Assistant Athletic Trainer

Chris Wolbert
Team Physical Therapist/Rehab Coordinator

Khalid Jones
Team Massage Therapist

Alphonso Thompson
Head Strength and Conditioning Coach

Diane Robison
Sports Performance Dietitian

Sam Jaksen
Assistant Equipment Manager

Paulo Nagamura Head Coach
Chris Martinez Assistant Coach
Mitch Hildebrandt Goalkeeper Coach
Isaac Gomez Assistant Athletic Trainer
Michael Steidle Sports Performance Coach
Andy Garay Assistant Equipment Manager
Wan Kuzac Wan Kamal Assistant Team Administrator
Jon Parry Academy Director
Colby Childress Academy Coach
Declan Jogi Academy Coach
Rumbani Munthali Academy Coach
Chris O'Neal Academy Coach
Luis Pacheco Academy Coach
Darrin MacLeod Academy Goalkeeper Coach
Mitch Kirchoff Sports Performance Coach
Monique Prebensen Assistant Athletic Trainer
Caroline Maher Assistant Athletic Trainer
Katie Eichman Assistant Team Administrator
Diego Acuna Assistant Team Administrator
Dr. Scott Luallin Chief Medical Officer, Team Orthopedic Doctor  
Dr. Neal Erickson Primary Care Physician  
Dr. Mike Khadavi Sports Medicine Physician, Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation (PMnR)  
Dr. Kirk McCullough Team Orthopedic Doctor  
Dr. Jared Bruce Team Neuropsychologist  
Dr. Tony Trotter Team Chiropractor  
Dr. Jason Ciminieri Team Dentist  
Dr. Brandon Hunter Team Optometrist  
Dr. Mitchell Dorris Team Podiatrist